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History Of The 911 Turbo

Recently we have seen so many new technologies in the car industry. From the self-driving cars to some of the best engines yet. Well for Porsche the 911 Turbo is an oldie, but goodie that has seen a few nips and bits here and there. The company recently introduced their latest turbo car at a gaming event in Los Angeles. This may seem quite weird for most of us because, what was a premium German Sports car doing in a gaming conference? Well it is more than clear now the effect gaming has had on high speed cars in the industry. To think that the fate of car development in the past was based on the inventions that were made and not on the environment surrounding the inventions.

To better understand the history of this car we need to go back in time. From the beginning back in 1973 when the 911 Turbo started.  It was at the Frankfurt Motor Show of the same year when this turbo system was introduced. The company drew the inspiration for this 3.0 liter engine from their experiences in the United States. This is specifically from racing in the Can-Am racing series.

In 1978 the engine size was raised to 3.3 liters. It also got wider tires, improved braking system from another car in the company and the intercooler also came from that same car. The successful 917 provided the blue print for the brakes. After this the company decided to veer out of the norm and get a new design for the same car. The trend back then was of a slanted hood and porche stood out with the 1981 version. This special order car named the SE Flachbau, meaning slanted nose, option was just a variant and not a replacement for the 911 Turbo original.
With the success of the variant, the company decided to get another two babies in the line. The 911 turbo line expanded to the drop top Cabriolet and Targa options. These did very well in 1985 when they were introduced and the successive years. The company took a year off sale in 1990. It came back in 1991 with the then highly impressive power steered version of the 911. This was the first time they featured power steering in this line. The turbo also had improved aerodynamics.

1993 was a game changer with four wheel drive and a 3.6 liter engine. The power also got raised to 402bhp. The brakes were anti-lock and a six speed gear box was placed in this model. The last of the air cooled engines was released in 1995.

A newer version of the 911 was released in 2007. This engine was water cooled and produced a 414bhp. The car also had a brand new top speed of 200mph. this was a major improvement though just ten years 2010 the engine was bumped to 3.8 liters and had 493bhp.

Soon came the rear wheel drive turbo that improved stability of the car. The 7-speed paddle shift gearbox was now a standard. Today the car produces 523bhp when standard and a whopping 572bhp when in the S version.