Sales Department

Omar Harris

Omar is the founder and president of MW Carline. Omar states; "The approach is simple, to find the rarest and most unique quality cars. The process starts by buying, inspecting, test driving, and making sure each and every vehicle offered to our valued clients represents and reflects MW Carline's name in a positive way. It's like putting my own signature on the product. I have a passion and enthusiasm for all cars, whether it be the color, the shape, or the story that comes with it, I buy cars that I have a liking for and that I am passionate about. Cars run through my bloodstream." 

Chris Littlewood

Chris was an enthusiast before stepping into vehicle sales. Rest assured, Chris brings a different approach to the car buying experience saying "I was once a consumer and understand your needs sitting at the opposite side of the desk as a buyer. I am committed to assisting you in the best way possible and making sure you are happy with your purchase." In Chris' spare time, he is active in the car community and also enjoys Motorcycles and Horology.


Ashley Benitez

Ashley has been with MW Carline since 2013. Ashley is fluent in both English and Spanish! She handles most transactions, assisting with anything from transporting vehicles to handling paperwork. Ashley will be the first one to greet you when you call, and will probably be the last voice you hear before receiving your vehicle. Ashley prides herself in providing excellent customer service and making sure MW Carline's customer's are satisfied!